Radial Charts

Summarize Data With Multiple Chart Types

Enhance your data visualization with our widget, offering three powerful chart types: Pie, Polar, and Doughnut, and choose a suitable chart type that suits your data to interpret and present multiple datasets, making your visualizations more effective and impactful.

Pie Chart

Doughnut Chart

Polar Area chart

Data Analysis with Pie chart

Customize and animate your charts while enjoying interactive tooltips, presenting your data in dynamic and engaging ways.

Compare Data with Doughnut Chart

Efficiently compare multiple datasets with a Doughnut Chart, a variant of the Pie Chart that features a cutout area in the center.

Concise Data with Polar Area Chart

An effective way to summarize and manage complex data is by presenting it in a clear and concise manner. With its customizable features, it allows for personalized adjustments to optimize the visual presentation.

Showcase Your Chart Uniquely

Explore the interactive world of showcasing charts with advanced features. Modify the colors to match your site’s look and feel. Customize the cutout, circulation, and rotation options to make the widget look and work exactly like you want it to.