Create amazing graphical data charts in Elementor and customize them accordingly.

Various Types of Charts

Create clear visual data using different charts like Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, Line, and Stepped Line. Adjust the chart’s height to suit your preferences.

Bar Chart : Horizontal

Bar Chart : Vertical

Line Chart

Stepped Line Chart

Manage Datasets and Legends Position

Include several datasets for easy data comparison. Add a legend to help users understand the data easily, and you can place the legend in different positions as needed.

Legend Position : Top

Legend Positions : Bottom

Legend Position : Left

Legend Position : Right

Magic of Grid Lines and Animations

Enhance the way of showcasing the chart by applying grid lines to that. Apply animation to make an amazing look and provide the reason for comparison by writing the title and setting the title position.

Single Line Chart

Multiple Line Chart

Displaying Additional Information with a Tooltip.

Include a little popup for your users to show information. You can choose between two tooltip modes: point or index. Plus, you can include as many labels as you need.



Make Data Visual With Line Charts

Enhance your chart’s appearance by combining Line and Stepped Line styles. Choose the perfect point and joint styles to make it visually appealing. Adjust the point size for that ideal finishing.