Control Your Device Orientation

Improve user experience by adjusting mobile and tablet orientations. Enhance visual appeal with diverse icon types. Display informative titles on devices to provide users with content details, ensuring a more engaging and user-friendly interface.

Engaging Media Types with Stunning Tones

Make your device frame unique by adding the both image and video media types. You can add videos from multiple source like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Self hosted. Visual your frame by including the tone as dark or light.

Make Your Devices Responsive 

Design your frame look great on various devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and browsers. Ensure visual appeal and seamless user experience across different screen sizes for maximum accessibility and engagement.

Elevate Your Devices with Easy Scrolling

Enhance your design with an appealing scrolling effect using multiple triggers like hover or scroll, both horizontally and vertically. Elevate user experience by incorporating a reverse scroll option for added visual engagement.

Endless Styling Options

Enhance device frames by incorporating personalized colors and selecting a light or dark theme for browser devices. Introduce a touch with hover animations on icons, adding an interactive flair to your device experience.