How to save Elementor Pro form submissions in the database?

Elementor Pro comes with an awesome widget – Forms. With this, you can create forms and style them with great ease. It also provides you the option to send an email on form submission. You can also connect to many third-party services like Active Campaign, Drip, Mailchimp, etc.

In spite of all these goodies, many users still miss the option to save form submission into the database. But the good thing is that there are plugins available to fill this gap.

Form Vibes allows you to save Elementor Pro Form submission into DB (database).
It is a simple plug ‘n’ play plugin. Just install it on WordPress websites and it will start capturing form submissions.
To view the submissions, click on “Form Vibes” from the WordPress admin menu and it will display all the submissions in a tabular format.

Save Elementor Pro Form submissions

At the top of the table, there is an Action Bar with some filters.

  • Date Range: Select the time period to filter the submissions.
  • Select Plugin: Just select Elementor. Although this article is only about Elementor this plugin is not just limited to Elementor. It will also work with Contact Form 7 and Caldera Form. We will be adding integration for more forms soon.
  • Select Form: Each form submission is saved separately. Select the form and respective data will be populated in the table.

Form Vibes is the ultimate tool to capture leads. Get it for Now!

Field Visibility & Custom Labels

Click on the cog icon (⚙) at the right end of the action bar to view a new set of options. You can select which fields you want to display in the table. You can always see all the form fields just by expanding the row. Just click on the row and it will expand to display all form fields.
There you also get the option to set custom labels/alias in place of the field slug.

Field Name Alias

Date range presets and custom date range

Filter the form data by date range. Select date range using Presets or set your own custom date range.

Export Elementor Pro Form submissions to CSV file

Have you noticed the download icon in the previous screenshot above? There where you can export your submissions in CSV files.

Graphical Reports

Who doesn’t love to see their data in a nice graphical representation?

Well, you can see your form’s performance in graphs. Click on Form Vibes -> Analytics and you will see a bar chart displaying your form’s submission frequency. The same filter set is also available while watching the graphs.

Let’s start capturing Elementor Pro form submissions in the database.


  1. Used it for the first time on a political candidates website and it performs as advertised… extremely impressed so far. This plugin is a gamechanger for me. No more having to use Ninja Forms or Contact 7. This plugin’s interface with Elementor is seamless. I have been looking for a plugin like this since I started using Elementor 2 years ago and I am thrilled it’s finally here. Great job.

  2. Can I then use the data from the form to display as dynamic content in Elementor?

    EG use a form to update a company details such as email, telephone number, address etc and then use dynamic content to show that info on various pages and templates?

  3. Hi, can I enable to only capture certain forms, but not all? I’m using elementor pro. Thanks

    • For now it is enabled for all forms. We will add option to enable it for specific forms soon.

  4. Hi, each submission generate an ID I can use to add it to email notification (admin and user)? I wonder if can be used as ticket submission, generating a track ticket number . Thanks

    • No this option is not available for now. We will surely explore the possibility of adding this feature.

  5. It does not detect the elementor form in the popup. Is there a possible way to get the data of form in the popup built with elementor?

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