AnyWhere Elementor Pro – 2.13 Relased

We have released a new update for our popular plugin “AnyWhere Elementor Pro“. You can update the plugin from your WordPress admin and can also download it from our site.

This release is mainly focussing on strengthening Pods and ACF integration.

New widget for Pods and enhancements in ACF widget

In the previous release, we have added a dedicated with for ACF Field called AE – ACF
Now in the same line, we have added a similar widget for Pods custom field: AE – Pods

We have also added the ability to use User (Author) meta and Option (Settings) fields of ACF and Pods both.
Data from Term Fields and User Fields can be displayed on Taxonomy Archives and Author Archives Respectively. Data from ACF & Pods settings page fields can be displayed anywhere on-site using available widgets.

Revamped AE Template settings area

There is another big change that you might don’t even notice. For settings section of AE Template, we were using ButterBean library. It is a popular library that can be used to generate meta boxes and custom fields. But recently we have noticed a lot of conflict due to this. There are many other plugins that are also using the same library. And due to some wrong implementations and use of different version in them, it causes serious issues.
So we have trashed it and completely built the settings area from scratch without dependency on any such third-party library.

Along with this, there are also some other minor bug fixes and UI updates. You can read more about this release in our changelog.

Changelog – AnyWhere Elementor Pro

What’s Next ??

We have a lot of things to do already listed in our pipeline. Our next release will included one of the most asked and awaited feature – Integration with FacetWP
FacetWP also work fine with our Post Blocks widget on Archive Layouts. We will be adding something more to this integration. So Stay tuned.

There will also be some enhancement to the way you can use ACF Repeater Fields.
Lot of user’s have to face some initial hurdles in using ACF Repeater field widget. We will be making this more smoother in next update. V 2.14

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