AnyWhere Elementor Pro – V2.12 Beta 1 Released

So here we are with a long-awaited release.
With V2.12 of AnyWhere Elementor Pro, we have got some very exciting stuff for you all.

Click Here to download the Plugin’s beta version. It is available under the downloads section of your account.

Enhanced support for ACF (Advanced Custom Field)

Now we have much-improved integration for ACF (Advanced Custom Field). 

V2.12 brings support for some of the complex field types like Select, Radio, Button Groud, File, True/False, and many more. 

We have introduced a new widget “AE – ACF Fields”. This single widget will allow you to display many types of field types. 

For each field type, there is a unique set of fields that will allow you to use data of that widget appropriately. 

Types of ACF Fields are supported in the new “Ae – ACF Field” widget. 

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Number 
  • URL
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Button Group
  • True False
  • File
  • Email

Apart from this we already support Galley, Google Map, Repeater and Relationship fields through separate widgets. 

Taxonomy Grid Widget

A new widget to list all the terms of a particular taxonomy. You can also use this widget to display child terms/categories on a taxonomy/category archive layout. 

Removal of Swiper Library

In AePro we are using Swiper js library for carousel and slider in various widgets. Elementor itself is also using the same library. Till now we were loading it from our plugin and there were many cases where two instances of js and CSS files were loading, one from Elementor and the other from AePro.  Now we have completely removed that library from our plugin and now using the one that is already available with Elementor. 

Along with this we have also added the auto height option in various widgets where the carousel is used. 

ACF Relationship Field – Sort order retain

Till now, you were not able to retain the order you set in the ACF Relationship field backend. Now you will have one more option “Manual” in Order By field of the Post Blocks widget. 

With this, it will maintain the manual ordering that you have set in the ACF Relationship field at the backend. 

Others enhancements and bug fixes

  • Updated the js library  used for infinite scroll.
  • Code optimisation for enhanced performance. (Lot more is planned for upcoming releases)
  • Added multi language support for Date field type in Custom Field widget. 

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