AnyWhere Elementor Pro – V 2.10 Beta 1 Available for testing

Another update of our plugin “AnyWhere Elementor Pro” is ready to be tested by our Beta Testers.

Please go over the new features mentioned below, test them on your local or development sites ( do not use it on production site.) We would love to hear your feedback.

You can get the beta copy of “AnyWhere Elementor Pro” from the Downloads section of our site here

Here are some key features and enhancements that will be available with this release.

Support for ACF Repeater Fields

It is one of the most awaited features. Now we support using ACF Repeater fields. You can show data from ACF Repeater fields in Singular and also on Archive Layouts. A new widget (AE – ACF Repeater) has been added for this. This works on the concept of Block layouts similar to our most popular Post Blocks widget.  You can create a block template for a single set of repeater fields and then that template will be used by AE – ACF Repeater widget to render all the data from the Repeater fields.

It allows you to share the data multiple layouts like the grid, list, slider, and carousel. If you have already used our Post Block widget then you will surely love it a lot.

You can read more about how it works in a detailed tutorial here Using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Repeater Fields with Elementor

Enhanced Woo Gallery Widget

We have added some enhanced gallery display modes specially crafted to be used on archive layout. This will help you to create stunning layouts. There are two new effects available.

  • Swap: Initially product’s featured image will be visible but on mouseover, it will reveal the second image of the product.
  • Swiper: It will show a slider of all product images.
AE - Woo Gallery widget (New Effects)
AE – Woo Gallery widget (New Effects)


Support for taxonomy custom fields

On our way to provide better support for the custom fields, a new widget is now available “AE – Taxonomy Custom Fields
It works similar to AE – Custom Field widget but it will fetch data from Custom fields associated with taxonomies.
Now you will have better control and flexibility while designing Taxonomy Archive Layouts.

Support for Date type custom fields

We have also added a new option in Custom Fields widget. Now it also supports fields containing a date. You will have full control over the date format.

Please go ahead and test this beta release. Provide your feedback and help us to release a stable and bug-free update.

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