How To Display ACF Nested Repeaters In Elementor?

ACF Nested Repeaters is a fascinating feature. However, embedding numerous repeaters within a parent repeater block may be hard to implement on the frontend as you need to write tons of PHP code.

But don’t worry, we have a complete code-free solution in this tutorial with the help of our plugin AnyWhere Elementor Pro. To give you a better understanding of how nested repeaters work, we will be recreating the below demo of this Hosting Price table.

This is inspired by the pricing page structure of Cloudways hosting. The first level of repeater field is to add hosting platforms, like Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr. Withing each platform, there are multiple monthly plans which are managed by the second-level repeater field. And then there is a third level of repeater field to manage features of each plan.  

So let see the setup

ACF Nested Repeaters setup:

  1.  Start by giving the field group a name and a location like a post or a page.

2. Then add a custom field (Platform) and make it a repeater field type.

3. Now we need to add sub-fields to this Repeater block; for this demo, I have created two sub-fields. Title and Plans. Where Plan is also a Repeater field. Firsts level of nested Platform >> Plans.

acf nested repeaters

4. Now add subfields inside the Plan Repeater field. I have added three subfields in this Title, Configuration, and Features. Both the fields Configuration and Features are of Repeater type. So, here comes the second level of nested Plans<< Configuration-Features.

Nested Repeaters

5. Add some subfields to both the repeaters.

6. Once done save the changes.

By now, we have completed our ACF Nested Repeater Field set up; next; you need to populate these fields onto a page or post just like we do for the rest of our Custom Fields.

Advanced Custom Fields

Designing Block Layouts for each Repeater blocks

After setting up the repeaters, our next step is to design the templates for each repeater block that we have created – Features, Configuration, Plans, Platform.

For creating the templates, I will be using AnyWhere Elementor Pro. We will start with the innermost block – Features and Configuration and then move to Plans and Platform.

Now, let’s start with creating a template for the Features and Configuration block.

Block Layout for Features & Configurations Repeaters

1. Create a new AE Template and then under the AnyWhere Elementor settings, do the following configurations.

Repeaters Block layout 1
  • Render Mode: Select ACF Blocks option when designing the layout for Repeater field or Flexible field
  • Field Location: Select Post as location.
  • Field Type: Select the  Repeater option.
  • Preview Post: Here you need to select the posts on which you have applied the field group to.
  • Field: Select the Features.

**Note:- You need to follow the same settings for creating the block layout for the Configuration repeater block. Just in the Repeater field select Configuration in place of features

2. Next, edit the template in Elementor editor.

3. Under the Elementor editor, use AE – ACF Fields widget and configure it.

ACF Fields

Block Layout for Plan Repeater

The Plan repeater block acts as a container for the sub repeaters(features, Configurations). So while designing its template we will have to display data from sub repeaters also.

Repeaters Block layout 2

In Elementor

1. First add ACF Fields to display the data from the Price field.

ACF Fields 1

2. Then to display data from the sub repeater field we’ll use the AE- ACF Repeater widget.

ACF Repeaters

3. Configure the widget:

  1. In Skin choose the display style like Accordion, Tab or default.
  2. Next, select the block layout created for the Configuration block.
  3. Select configuration in Repeater field option
  4. You will see data from nested repeater field Configuration is displayed.

4. Similarly, we need to add one for the ACF Repeater widget to display the data from the Features Repeater. Configure the widget the same as we did in the above step.

ACF Repeaters

Block Layout for Platform Repeater field

1. Create a new AE Template.

Repeaters Block layout 3

2. In Elementor Add the AE – ACF Repeater widget and configure it. In Block layout select the one we just created for the Plans repeater field. And in the Repeater field name choose Plans.

ACF Nested Repeaters

Here is the final look of the layout, containing all the nested repeaters.

Nested Repeaters

Display Nested Repeaters on Front end 

Now we will be using the above-created templates to display the repeater field content on the page.

  1. Edit the page in Elementor Editor, where you have populated the custom field meta details and drag and drop the AE – ACF Repeater widget onto a section.
ACF Repeaters 1
  1. In Skin, choose Tab or accordion.
  2. Next, select the Repeater block layout created for the Platform field.
  3. Choose Repeater field – Platform.
  4. In the Tab title, enter the custom field slug you want to display inside the tabs. This title appears inside the Tabs (in blue).
  5. Then set the layout and alignment styles.

And that is it; you are done. Have a look at the final output.

Nested Repeaters 4


As demonstrated in this tutorial, displaying the nesting repeater data on the Elementor frontend is a breeze. When we say Nested Repeater people start thinking of the amount of code required for front-end implementation, but we have achieved this without writing a single line of code. So make as many nested repeaters as you want and have total control over their templates designed according to your need and creativity.

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