Release Update – AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.21

We are ready with some exciting new features that will further enhance the design possibilities.

New Widget: Triggers

This all-new widget is a companion for existing widgets that provide Slider and Accordion functionalities, like Post Blocks, ACF Repeater, and ACF Gallery.
So far, navigation options for sliders and carousels are provided within the widget. There were options available to customize the look and feel of the navigation arrows, but not much flexibility was available for their placement. It was restricted with a little bit of positioning options available within that widget area.
All this is going to change now with this new widget – Triggers. This will allow you to place your navigation controls anywhere on the page. It will give you complex flexibility in terms of design. And not only for Sliders and Carousels, Triggers can also work with Accordions skin that comes with some of our widgets. You can use Triggers to add options like Expand All/Collapse All or move to the next accordion item.

New Skin: Term + Post Loop (Taxonomy Blocks widget)

The taxonomy Block widget has a new skin that will loop through all the terms and display the posts within that term. You will be able to achieve a structure something like this.

  • Term 1
    • Post 1
    • Post 2
    • Post 3
    • ——
  • Term 2
    • Post 1
    • Post 2
    • Post 3
    • —–

For Posts, the layout supports custom skin, and you will get most of the customization features of our Post Blocks widgets.
This is the first release of both of these features. Give them a try and give us your feedback on what more can be added to make them more powerful.

And to tell you, we are not stopping here, and the next release will be much more exciting.

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