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Release Update – AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.25

Anywhere Elementor Pro 2.25 is live now with a lot of enhancement and an exciting feature.

Import/Export Template

The feature for which a lot of you have been waiting for so long. Now you can import-export AE Templates with great ease.
Check out the detailed documentation

Query Optimization

In this release, we have done some extensive improvements in the way we were running database queries. We have implemented a query cache mechanism using WordPress inbuilt transient cache. Some of the heavy queries our plugin was running were related to fetching applicable templates for various sections of the site. Now instead of fetching this data on each page load, we cache this data. The cache is reloaded when you add any new AE Template or update any existing one, so you don’t have to worry about it. In our tests on some of our complicated test setups, we have seen that the query time has been reduced to one-third. That’s a massive improvement.
We are not stopping here. You might see more such improvements in upcoming releases.

Some other enhancements

  • Enhancement: ACF Group Field, Repeater Field and Options Page support added in Dynamic rules.
  • Enhancement: Additional Breakpoint Support to Carousel Skin of various widgets.
  • Enhancement: ACF-Flexible Content added to Dynamic Tags
  • Enhancement: AE-Dynamic Map Cluster and Marker animation added
  • Tweak: AE-Post Image custom width option added.
  • Tweak: Pagination option added for Manual selection in Post Blocks Advanced widget.

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