Release update – AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.24

We are ready with another existing release of Anywhere Elementor Pro. This release includes a brand new widget that will further enhance the dynamic capabilities of our plugin.

New Widget – Dynamic Map

We already have a basic map widget that supports the ACF Google Maps field and standard custom field with lat/long info. But this brand new widget takes the map functionality way ahead.

Some key features

Map Type – For now, it supports Google Maps. Support for Open Street Maps is coming soon.

Data Source – ACF Google Maps field or any custom fields combo that stores Latitude and Longitude Info.

Where can it be used?

You can use it on a single post template to display the map from the custom field on that post. 

It can be used to display multiple markers. Just define your post query from where it can fetch the data. It can also display marker listing and customized info window on marker click.

Custom skin support for Marker listing and Info window content.

Want to learn more about using it? Check the official doc

Multiple conditional templates/skins in Post Blocks Advanced widget

We were regularly getting a lot of requests for this features. Users want to apply different templates to individual posts in the Post Blocks Advanced widget. Use cases are varying, some want to display templates based on category, while some need it depending upon any custom field value. Providing a solution through widget settings for such different use cases was difficult, so we have added a filter that allows you to add your logic and decide which template to apply to each post.

An example of what you can achieve with this newly added option. The following screenshot is of a Post Blocks Advanced widget with 6 posts from three different categories and each category here is following its own template/skin.

Here is the filter code. “custom_layout” can be replaced with the unique filter that you can add in Widget’s Query Filter settings.


Sample Code

Just return the layout based on your own logic

add_filter('aepro/post_blocks_adv/layout/custom_layout', function($layout){
$post_id = get_the_ID();
if(in_array($post_id, [ 667 ])){
   return 691;  // Template id of Block layout.
return $layout;

Soon we will be adding a lot more such flexibility options in the Post Blocks Advanced widget.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

  • Added option in Post Blocks Advanced widget’s query section to include/exclude Sticky Posts.
  • Fixed the compatibility issues with the upcoming Elementor release 3.6

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