AnyWhere Elementor Pro Integration with FacetWP

Post Block Adv widget of our plugin AnyWhere Elementor Pro is now integrated with FacetWP.

What is FacetWP

FacetWP is an advanced filtering plugin that allows you to add filtering options to your posts or custom post type collections. You can add filters based on custom fields, custom taxonomy, etc. You can read more about FacetWP here.

So how it works with AnyWhere Elementor Pro

Post Blocks widget of AnyWhere Elementor Pro now supports FacetWP. You can add it to your archive templates along with the FacetWP facets (filters).

Enabling support for FacetWP in Post Blocks Adv widget

Current support is available only for Archive layouts. So make sure that the Source option under the Query section is set to “Current Archive.”
After that, you will notice a new section FacetWP. This will appear only if the FacetWP plugin is installed and activated. Just switch on FacetWP support from here, and that’s it. No other configuration is required.

AnyWhere Elementor Post Blocks

You can also check out a live demo.

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