Beta Announcement: V 2.14 is ready with enhanced support for ACF Repeater Field

We are now almost ready with a very exciting release of our plugin AnyWhere Elementor Pro (AePro).

This release is focussing mainly on ACF Repeater Fields. Although support for ACF Repeater fields is available for more than one year, this time we have tried to give you more power to use it.

Added support for Repeater Fields in Elementor Dynamic Content

Most of the Elementor and other third party widgets support Elementor Dynamic content functionality. You can also use it to display ACF field data. But there is no support for Repeater Field there. With this new update, you will be able to use any Elementor widget inside Repeater Block Layout created with AE Templates.

How to use it?

  • While creating Repeater Block Layout, you can use Elementor
  • Use any widget that supports Elementor Dynamic Content – Let’s use Heading widget
  • Click on “Dynamic” text under the available text area to input the title.
  • Now from the list of dynamic data, you will notice some new items under the ACF category.
  • Repeater Text, Repeater Option (for fields like checkbox, select, dropdown, etc. ), Repeater Boolean (True/False field of ACF)
  • Now next you will have to select your Repeater Field and Sub Field.

Create Dynamic Tab & Accordion Using ACF Repeater Fields

To give you more styling options for the repeater field content apart from grid and carousel we have added two new layouts options i.e Tabs and Accordion in AE- ACF Repeater widget.

With this new enhancement, you have more layout options available to represent the ACF Repeaters dynamically in different styles and fashion.

AE- ACF Repeater

Other Enhancement and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Portfolio widget was not showing the active tab when the ‘All’ tab is not enabled.
  • Fixed: Post Block Widget (carousel) duplicate slide background click not working.
  • Fixed: Post block, rendering duplicate items on Infinite Scroll.
Meanwhile, you can check out a few use cases created by us, to know more about the latest added features. Click Here

Enjoy these new additions and provide us your valuable feedback. 
Until V 2.14 is released, you can access the beta version for testing. It is available at our store
Just login there and you will find it under the Downloads section. 

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