How to Embed an Instagram Feed Easily on Your Website?

Integrating your Instagram feed into your website offers an exciting way to share the latest updates and highlights from your personal or professional endeavors. Instagram is a popular platform for sharing images and videos, providing a convenient way to keep your website’s content fresh and engaging. By incorporating an Instagram gallery directly on your website, you eliminate the need for manual management and updating of your website’s image gallery.

Not only is showcasing an Instagram feed beneficial for individuals, but it also presents an excellent opportunity for marketers. With over 2 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. It has the highest level of user engagement compared to any other social media platform. This makes it an excellent channel for utilizing its marketing potential. By integrating your Instagram feed into your website, you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to promote your content.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start displaying Instagram feed on your website. You can easily do this by using the Instagram Feed widget offered by Elementor Addon Elements. It’s a simple and straightforward process to add an Instagram feed to your site with this widget.

Multiple Layouts for displaying Instagram Gallery

The Instagram Feed Widget offers a variety of stylish layout options to beautifully showcase your Instagram feed on your website. These layout options allow you to customize the presentation of your Instagram content and create an engaging and visually appealing display for your visitors.

  • Grid
  • Flex
  • Masonry
  • Carousel
Instagram Feed: Types Of Layout
Instagram Feed: Types Of Layout

Displaying Instagram Gallery using Carousel with Advanced features

With the Carousel layout, you can access a range of advanced features. These features include autoplay functionality, various effects, looping capability, customizable styling for navigation elements, multiple pagination types, etc.

Instagram Feed: Carousel Layout Advanced Settings
Instagram Feed: Carousel Layout Advanced Settings

Displaying Instagram Gallery in Lightbox

Another exciting option you can add for displaying your Instagram gallery is the Lightbox feature, which offers a variety of advanced functionalities. With Lightbox, you can enable a loop to display posts continuously, autoplay videos as you switch between slides, incorporate arrows, a counter, a download option, and more for enhanced user experience. Moreover, you have the flexibility to rotate or flip images and videos within the Lightbox view, adding an interactive touch to your gallery.

Additionally, you can choose to display social sharing icons, allowing visitors to easily share your Instagram content. The customization options extend to the thumbnail and navigation features, enabling you to personalize their appearance according to your website’s design and preferences.

Instagram Feed: Lightbox Settings
Instagram Feed: Lightbox Settings

Now that we’ve explored all the features and functionalities provided by the Instagram Feed widget from Elementor Addon Elements. Let’s discuss the process of embedding an Instagram feed on your website using our Instagram Feed widget.

Before you proceed, it is important to ensure that you have both Elementor and Elementor Addon Elements Pro plugins installed and activated on your website.

Adding an Instagram Feed widget

To add an Instagram feed widget to your desired page, navigate to the page using Elementor’s editor. From there, simply drag and drop the widget into the desired location. To make it easily identifiable, we add an EAE icon on the top right corner of each widget.

Instagram Feed: Add Widget
Instagram Feed: Add Widget

Profile Settings

Add Instagram Feed Access Token

Next, you will need to add the Instagram Access Feed Token that you generated. This token allows the widget to fetch and display your Instagram feed on your website.

Please check our detailed article on How to Generate an Instagram Feed Access Token?

Instagram Feed: Profile Settings(Access Token)
Instagram Feed: Profile Settings(Access Token)

In the Profile section, You have the flexibility to adjust the number of posts to be displayed. Furthermore, you can specify whether you want to showcase your Instagram images, videos, albums, or even include a profile link. Moreover, you can set a specific time for cache refreshing, ensuring that your Instagram feed remains updated and in sync with your latest content.

 Layout Settings

The Instagram Feed widget offers a variety of layouts to make your Instagram feed more engaging. With this widget, you have the flexibility to set the number of columns to be displayed in each row, adjust the spacing between columns and rows, and even enable the image ratio for optimal post-display. Additionally, you have the option to include post captions if needed.

Furthermore, the widget provides a convenient link option, allowing you to enable the Lightbox feature.

Instagram Feed: Layout Settings
Instagram Feed: Layout Settings

Profile Link

Within the profile link settings, you have the ability to customize various aspects. This includes setting the position and alignment, choosing the icon and text to be displayed, and specifying the desired destination when a user clicks on the profile link. You have full control over redirecting users to a specific webpage or destination of your choice.

Instagram Feed: Profile Link Settings
Instagram Feed: Profile Link Settings

Instagram Feed Style Settings

Under the Style tab, you can customize the overall appearance of the displayed Instagram feed. This tab offers a wide range of options to modify the look and feel of your feed. Let’s explore the various customization options available to you within the Style tab.

  • Text Hover effect
  • Grayscale Images
  • Caption Animation
  • Image Hover Effects
  • Typography & Color Options, and more.

You can check detailed information about the Instagram Feed widget’s Settings here.

Instagram Feed: Style Settings
Instagram Feed: Style Settings

Get the Instagram Feed widget now

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, displaying Instagram feed on your website offers a fantastic way to share your latest updates and engage with your audience. With this widget, you can easily embed and customize your feed with various layouts, styling options, and advanced features. By utilizing this widget, you can create a visually appealing and interactive Instagram gallery that seamlessly integrates with your website.

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