Create Stunning Animated Gradient Backgrounds in Elementor

Incorporating Animated Gradient Backgrounds in web designing is a popular trend nowadays. Using multiple colors with eye-catching animated effects not only adds a unique touch to your website but also attracts visitors.  

Gradient backgrounds have two or more colors, where each color is transitioning to the other. Now you will be thinking that I can add a gradient effect to any element by writing a few lines of CSS code, so what’s new in this?

The difference comes if I tell you that we will create an animated gradient background here in this tutorial without writing a single line of code, just with the help of a plugin. The Elementor Addons Elements gives you the functionality to add stunning gradient backgrounds to the Elementor Section & Columns with animation. All set, you are done with adding an amazing animated gradient background to the Elementor section.


To create an Animated Gradient Effect you need to:

  • Install and activate Elementor Addon Elements on your site and make sure that you have to enable this module.
  • Also, ensure that you have activated the Elementor Page builder plugin.

Steps to create Animated Gradient Backgrounds

To add Animated gradient effect to the Section / Column

1. Edit the Elementor section or column where you want to create gradients and go under the style settings

2. Click on the EAE – Animated Gradient Background option and Enable the effect

Animated Gradient Backgrounds

3. Next set the degree angle for the animated gradient motion.

Animated Gradient Backgrounds

4. Click on the color option and add color to create the effect.

5. To add more colors to the gradient, Click on the ADD Item button.

All set, you are done with adding an amazing animated gradient background to the Elementor section

Also, Check out the Demo created for the Animated Gradient Effect

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