ACF's Latest Release Update: Making Customization a Breeze

ACF 6.1 Update: Managing Taxonomies and CPTs Made Easy

Advanced Custom Field 6.1 Update

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a powerful plugin for WordPress that allows users to create custom fields for WordPress posts, pages, and CPTs. Previously, users had to register their CPTs and taxonomies manually with code or use another plugin to do so. This process was time-consuming and difficult, especially for users looking to create complex custom content types or work with multiple CPTs. ACF always improves its functionality and provides a better version to its users.

Now that ACF version 6.1 is available, ACF has introduced a range of new features and improvements that make it even more powerful and versatile than before, making the process much more streamlined and user-friendly.

Key Improvements in ACF 6.1

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key improvements that ACF 6.1 brings to the table.

  • ACF 6.1 has introduced significant updates to both custom post types (CPTs) and taxonomies. For CPTs, users can now create and manage their custom post types directly within ACF without installing additional plugins. This simplifies the entire process and streamlines their workflow.
ACF: Custom Post Types
ACF: Custom Post Types
  • Similarly, users can now create and manage their taxonomies within ACF without needing to rely on external plugins. This update saves time and effort for users, as they no longer have to navigate between different interfaces or manage multiple plugins to create and manage their custom taxonomies.
ACF: Custom Taxonomies
ACF: CustomTaxonomies
  • ACF knows that many users register custom post types (CPTs) and taxonomies through other plugins, such as CPT UI. To address this, ACF 6.1 now includes a dedicated import model allowing users to migrate their CPTs and taxonomies from Custom Post Type UI(CPTUI) easily.
  • Additionally, users can import custom post types and taxonomies through a JSON file, providing a quick and efficient way to transfer data. These new features make it easier for users to manage their custom post types and taxonomies within ACF, even if they had previously used a different plugin to create them.
ACF: Import CPTs & Taxonomies
ACF: Import CPTs & Taxonomies
  • ACF 6.1 also allows users to export their created custom post types and taxonomies in JSON format or generate a PHP code for them. This feature gives users the flexibility to export either a single CPT or taxonomy or multiple at once, depending on their needs.
  • The export feature in ACF 6.1 offers users increased flexibility by enabling them to seamlessly share their custom post types and taxonomies with other users and migrate their data to another website or plugin if needed. This feature streamlines the process of data sharing and transfer and makes it easier for users to collaborate with others and manage their content effectively.
ACF:Export CPTs & Taxonomies
ACF:Export CPTs & Taxonomies
  • To better reflect the full range of features available within the plugin, ACF has updated the name of its menu item in the WordPress admin sidebar from “Custom Fields” to “ACF.” This change is intended to make it easier for users to navigate the plugin’s interface and access its various functionalities. With this update, users can easily find and access all the tools they need, and they can make the most of ACF and manage their content more efficiently in WordPress.
ACF's menu items
ACF’s menu items

Making it Easier to Choose Field Types in ACF

To provide more clarity and improve the user experience, ACF 6.1 has introduced a new approach to choosing field types. Instead of simply listing the field types in a dropdown, which can be confusing due to similarly named fields, ACF now offers a “Browse Fields” button that opens a modal window showcasing all available field types in an easy-to-search and informative manner.

The modal window describes each field, a visual representation of how it will appear to editors and links to documentation where applicable. This new feature simplifies the process of selecting fields and provides users with a more comprehensive understanding of the available options.

ACF: Browse button for selecting Field type
ACF: Browse button for selecting Field type

They have also improved the dropdown feature to enable easy search of fields by typing.

ACF Add new field group option
ACF Add new field group option
  • In addition to the new features mentioned earlier, ACF 6.1 has also made a significant update by defaulting the status of posts for custom fields to “published.” However, to provide users with complete control over the selection of posts, they introduced a new “Filter by Post Status” option that allows users to define the status of posts that their content editors can choose from. This feature lets users fine-tune the post-selection process according to their needs
ACF: Filter by Post status option
ACF: Filter by Post status option

Wrap Up

ACF 6.1 release update significantly improves the plugin’s functionality and user experience. The ability to create and manage custom post types and taxonomies directly within ACF, as well as the added import and export features, provide greater flexibility and control for users.

The updated UI and browse field button make it easier to choose the appropriate field types, while the filter by Post status option adds another layer of control for content editors.

Overall, with this latest release, ACF is now a more powerful and versatile tool that can help users easily create and manage complex custom content types.

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