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This widget helps you put a customized Google map on your website. It’s a handy way for people to find your location when they visit your site. To use this widget, you’ll need to get a Google Map API key. It’s like having a map on your website to show where you are, and you can make it look the way you want.

Before you begin using Google Map, ensure you’ve added your Google Map API key in the Settings. Check out the guide: “Generate a Google Map API Key.”


Google Map: General Settings
Google Map: General Settings


  • Markers: You can add multiple locations to be shown on the map
  • Longitude: Insert the longitude coordinates
  • Latitude: Insert the latitude coordinates
  • Address: Enter the text to be displayed in the Marker
  • Height: Set the height of the map
  • Zoom: Set the zoom level of the map
  • Aminated Marker: Enable it to give animated markers
  • Snazzy Style: You can apply styles from Snazzy Maps and give your maps a different touch. This is an optional field. If you leave it, it will display your map in the default Google Map theme.

Check out the Demo page of Google Map.

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Google Map

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