With 2018 approaching to the end, here is the last major release (V 2.11) of AnyWhere Elementor Pro for this year.

This Release mainly focuses on design abilities with the Post Blocks widgets. Till now, there were three layout modes, List, Grid & Carousel/Slider. 
Now with this release, you will also get two new layout modes – Smart Grids and CheckerBoard. (See Demo: https://goo.gl/7TZqG3)

Layout modes of Post Blocks widget

Smart Grids

Smart Grids is an enhanced version of Grid structure with non-uniform grid layouts. It is itself a collection of multiple layout modes. To start with it will be shipped with four Smart Grid Layouts (more will be coming soon..)

Each smart grid layout has one featured block that is larger in size. You will have a choice to load separate Block Layout for this particular featured block. 

Also smarts grids are usually useful for Desktop Layouts. So on tablet and mobile device, you can show them as standard grid layout by defining column count for table and mobile devices. 

CheckerBoard Layout

CheckerBoard Layouts are similar to standard grid layouts but with an option to use different layout of alternate post items.

You can imagine it as a Chess Board. So you have two block layouts arrange in a grid format.
There is also an option to arrange the column count.

See some of its implementations here https://goo.gl/7TZqG3

With column count set to 1, you can implement a list layout with different layout for alternate rows. 

Enjoy these new additions and provide us your valuable feedback. 
Until V 2.11 is released, you can access the beta version for testing. It is available at our store https://shop.webtechstreet.com
Just login there and you will find it under Downloads section. 

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