AnyWhere Elementor Pro Integration with Rank Math

Anywhere Elementor Pro plugin is now integrated with the Rank Math plugin.

What is Rank Math Seo 

Rank Math is a robust Seo optimization plugin. It lets you optimize your content to rank higher in search engines. It has a powerful yet simple user interface which lets you improve your post SEO instantaneously.

So how it works with AnyWhere Elementor Pro 

BreadCrumb widget of AnyWhere Elemntor Pro provides support to the Rank Math breadcrumbs settings.  

BreadCrumbs are Search engine friendly and help users in navigating throughout the web pages and thus increases the visibility of the site.

RankMath Customization

  • Install and Activate the RankMath plugin.
  • Enable breadcrumbs through Dashboard >> RankMath >> General Settings >> Breadcrumbs. 

Note:- In order to use the following feature, make sure you have activated both AnyWhere Elementor Pro and RankMath Plugins.

Using AE- BreadCrumb widget

In Elementor editor add AE – Breadcrumb widget and style it accordingly.

More settings related to the style the breadcrumbs are present under the Rank Math breadcrumb section.

AnyWhere Elementor Pro

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