Another update of our plugin “AnyWhere Elementor Pro” is ready to be tested by our Beta Testers.

Please go over the new features mentioned below, test them on your local or development sites ( do not use it on production site.) We would love to hear your feedback.

You can get the beta copy of “AnyWhere Elementor Pro” from the Downloads section of our site here

Custom Query Filter for Post Blocks Widget

This one has been asked a lot of time, especially by the Developers who love to play with WordPress filters.
We have added the ability to add your own filter to Post Block widget. If you know how WP_Query and Filters work in WordPress, then you can utilize this feature by writing code snippet to add more complex queries for Post Block Widget.
You can read more about this feature in this article – Add your own filters to Post Blocks query

Product Sales Badge/Ribbon

Another feature that was in high demand for a long time – Sales Badges for WooCommerce Product collections.
In Post Blocks widget, for WooCommerce products, you will get an option to enable sales badge or ribbons. You can choose from badge or ribbon and there are also various options available to style and configure them.

Make whole Section/Column clickable

Now make your whole column/section clickable. This feature will be very useful in designing Block layouts for Post Block where you can make a whole section or column clickable.

Read More about it here: Make Section/Column clickable


Post Content – Unfold

New Unfold option is now available with AE – Post Content widget. Check it out yourself.


ACF Gallery – Added support for a free alternative

We already support ACF Gallery field type. But it comes with ACF Pro (paid version). Many users use this free alternative (ACF Photo Gallery Field) to create gallery field type. So if you are not using ACF Pro but needs a gallery field then you can use this free alternative. We support it along with gallery field of ACF Pro.


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