Introducing – All New Post Blocks Adv Widget

Post Blocks widget has been a spotlight of our plugin AnyWhere Elementor Pro since it’s inception in early 2018. It is one of the most powerful widgets of our plugin that offers great flexibility in designing amazing archive layouts. Now in 2021, we are introducing a new widget, an enhanced version of the Post Blocks widget – Post Blocks Advanced.

Why a new widget?

A lot has changed in Elementor since we have created the Post Blocks widget. We have received a lot of feedback, enhancement ideas and feature requests for Post Blocks widget. So instead of adding everything in existing widget, we decided to create a new widget from the scratch for better performance and future extendability. This gives us more freedom to implement our ideas.

So what’s new in this widget?

Skin based Development

This widget has been development with Elementor’s Skin based approach. This gives us more flexibility to add new layouts. Apart from Grid and Slider/Carousel, we have added an Accordion Skin. More useful skins will be added soon in upcoming releases.

Advance Query Builder

New widget will be having an enhanced Query builder as compared to existing Post Blocks widget. Much better control over adding taxonomy and author queries.

Post Block Adv - Query

Filter Bar

Post Blocks Advanced is also a combination of our existing Post Blocks and Portfolio widget. Now you can add taxonomy filter within the Post Blocks Advanced widget.

If you have large number of filters to fit in a single row, then you can also enable collapsible filters.

We have more additions lined up, and soon you will get way more enhanced features and functionalities in the Post Block Adv widget through which you can have more hand-on control and customization options.

What will happen to existing Post Blocks Widget?

We are not removing it. It will keep receiving bug fixes and will keep it compatible with existing WordPress and Elementor release. It will not receive and functional enhancements.

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